Songwriting: An Introduction

When you like a worship song, you want to hear it and sing it over and over again. You can't get enough of it. You "feel" the song. It speaks to your soul. It connects your spirit with the Spirit of God, and helps you enter into the presence of a Most Holy God. And then sometimes you realize that somebody else also feels the same about that particular worship song. Before you know it, everybody's singing that song. It is recorded in a few different albums by different artistes and groups. I'm giving you an example from a "worship song" point of view. But then, you will now understand what I mean when I say "THIS IS THE KIND OF SONG EVERY SONGWRITER DREAMS OF WRITING!" A hit song, from a secular point of view. An anointed song, from a Christian point of view. Well, how do you write such a song??? Ask a songwriter who has written such a song, and their answer would likely be that the song came from their hearts, an expression of what they are going through or have gone through, or an aspiration of what they hope for. It comes from having met the Lord in a time of need, or a time of deep communion with Him. It may also be the expression of one's love for his Creator and Savior. Whatever it is, the element of divine inspiration is crucial. Why? Well, because we are not writing songs to win an Emmy. We are writing songs to draw people closer to God.

I'm going to include here 3 points that stuck with me from a songwriting seminar by Billy Funk 22 years ago. He said (I quote):

1. Anointed inspiration comes from the heart of God, anointed songs do not originate from talent or accumulated ability to put chords, rhythms, words and melody lines together. Anointed songs originate from the Spirit of God communicating and overflowing from your spirit.

2. Anointed songs are formed by combining anointed inspiration with God's gift of creativity; the creativity that which enables one to express this overflow is a gift from God called songwriting.

3. Anointed songs agree with God's Word. We reserve the right to judge songs with the word in order to establish their potential fruit, whether it be good or bad.

This is just to help lay the foundation for your songwriting journey. There are some really good articles on songwriting available on the internet, and I will start by recommending the ones listed in the "Useful Articles and Tips" page.

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